Purchased faulty 2017 Ch Camper - unsafe and shoddy workmanship

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Delivery Timeline: - August 2, 2016 - Deposit of $2,500 paid. - March 6, 2017 - After multiple construction delays, camper was picked up and on the road to Utah.

- March 12, 2017 - Because of trailer brake failures and driving slowly because of significant porpoising/hitch bounce and fishtail/swaying issues due to poor axle placement, the camper was delivered. Issues Discovered after Delivery: -Not all items from the purchase agreement were included 30 amp provided instead of the documented 50 amp (claims it was a typo.) Tall cabinet to house appliances such as microwave, fridge, air conditioning. Short cabinet provided instead. Examples of his existing work on other trailers was provided Black water tank.

Provided with a Thetford Curve porta pottie instead. No tank. Interior walls and ceiling painted (paid extra $1000) Bare wood shows through paint and some areas not painted at all. No trim around windows.

Unfinished corners not caulked/covered properly. Open nail holes in various places. Interior walls covered in dirt. -Axle Placement Incorrect: Claims he warned me he would have to move the axle to accommodate my suggested floor plan.

This is an outright lie. With the exception of one phone call prior to sending a deposit, ALL communication was written in email and texts. My suggested floor plan was flexible. I gave him the option of putting a twin bed in the back instead of a full if necessary.

The axle placement is about 50/50 instead of the safe 60/40 ratio. Severe swaying and hitch bouncing occurs with any little bump and wind gust. -Flaking Exterior Paint: Paint completed in January (pictures texted to me on January 24, 2016) Trailer picked up on March 5, 2016. On March 10th, Jerry claimed the paint was fresh and shouldn't have been hauled through strong storms.

Paint continues to flake with each wind storm. Promised to send touchup paint. Told my attorney he didn't have my address. Professional evaluation conclusion was an appropriate primer and sealer was not used.

To resolve, it will cost thousands. -Heat unit was purchased (copy of invoice provided to me ) but was not installed. Asked to have the unit mailed to me. No response.

-Nail holes in laminate floor tiles -Exposed wood underneath trailer, leaving potential for water damage. Used AdvanTech which is the best available. However, according to the manufacturer: http://www.huberwood.com/technical-library//15/205 Can I leave AdvanTech panels exposed to the weather? AdvanTech panels carry an Exposure 1 bond classification.

This means that they are intended to withstand weather exposure during the construction phase of a project. However, the panels are not intended for permanent exposure to the weather. AdvanTech panels, like most other wood products, are susceptible to decay if exposed to long-term high moisture conditions. Proper conditioning or ventilation of crawl and attic spaces, as well as correct installation of roof and wall coverings and application of flashing and caulking, will minimize problems due to excessive moisture.

-At one point he made a mistake on an invoice (in my favor.) I emailed him pointing out the possible error. I wanted to ensure it was correct.

- Complaints filed thus far: Initial concerns messaged to Jerry on March 10, 2017 Report submitted to www.safercar.org on April 1, 2017 - Issue 10969863 (still in progress.) Demand letter sent by my attorney dated April 17, 2017. Delivery receipt April 21, 2017 Report mailed to Georgia Department of Commerce on May 1, 2017

Review about: 2017 19Ft Enclosed Bumper Pull Trailer.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $21000.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

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